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  • UWIB & PMINYC: Project Management Workshop: August 1

    The United Women in Business Foundation (UWIB ) invites you to a fireside chat in collaboration with PMINYC, on project management. You will get the chance to chat and network with aspiring and existing project managers about the world of project management. Admission: $5

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  • Outreach at Touro College | Overcoming Obstacles: August 15

    If you or anyone in your life has ever been confronted with the thought of giving up, shutting down or putting your education on hold, this is the event that you must attend. It is an inspiring story about a young woman who rose up against the odds and graduated from Touro Graduate School of Technology

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  • The Indispensable Project Manager: August 22

    As a project manager, you will routinely face a seemingly unending stream of challenges to the success of your project. As the face of the project to stakeholders and customers, your ability to address these challenges requires you to maintain an awareness of the personal brand and its impact on your reputation. In this session we will discuss:

        • Accomplishability: Your ability to achieve and deliver valued results
        • Value/cost: The value delivered perception relative to the cost
        • Likeability: How others perceive you
        • Supply/demand: The market dynamics of your position, skills, and more!

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  • Certified Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS): August 25

    Want to be a better Scrum Master? If you have a good foundational knowledge of scrum but want to know more, attend the Certified Large Scale Scrum Basics (CLB) on Saturday, August 25 in NYC.

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  • Summer Networking at NY Yankees Baseball Game: August 29

    Just as summer winds down, things heat up at Yankee Stadium. Come to see the NY Yankees vs. Chicago White Sox. Enjoy the game and meet up with PMINYC fans. Tickets are $54. Register here

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We appreciate you and our sponsors business. PMI NYC does not provide or instruct training classes. We do have relationships with third-party vendors who provide this service. You may find more information here with our listed sponsors. Thanks. 


Agility: Influence of the C-Suites

Digital disruption is upending long-established industries with innovative technologies and breakthrough ways of offering products and services. These dramatic shifts are a clarion call for action. The answer: greater agility. Read more 

Reprinted from PMI in the News, August 10, 2018
Source:  Forbes / ITWeb Daily eNews, July 25, 2018



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