Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop for Busy PMs

April 12, 2021
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Presenter:     ​Ms. Naiyi Huang

Date: ​​6:00 pm EST April 12, 2021

Meeting Agenda: 10 min Intro, 30 min yoga & mindfulness practice, 10 min Q&A

The role of a Project Manager is often stressful in the best of times.  As part of self-care, this introductory session on Mindfulness and Yoga seeks to provide a means of helping to cope with that stress, to cultivate self-awareness, to bring calm in the midst of chaos…

Mindfulness techniques are used to focus our mind on the present moment, without judgement, so that when we are not thinking, our mind can rest.

When our mind is calm and clear, we can think better and be more efficient for our next task.

In this session, we will use some simple mindfulness techniques, such as breathing, and simple standing yoga poses to practice being mindful.  

This will include some yoga exercises and poses, but no floor work; all to be done seated or standing.  No equipment or mats are needed. 

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