October Volunteer Appreciation Event

On October 30th, our President Frank Bacchus; the VP of Membership, Jim Litsas and the Program Manager of Special projects, Jennifer Rufa invited the PMINYC Volunteers to an appreciation event. This awesome networking event was at The Tailor Public House where the volunteers had an opportunity to network and mingle.  

Jim Litsas opened up the meeting by welcoming the volunteers to the event. He thanked them for their contributions and stated that their efforts are what make the PMINYC chapter so vibrant and successful. The VPs of the various teams had an opportunity to recognize their teams and their accomplishments.

The President Frank Bacchus discussed and defined the strategic goals and objectives. He expressed the new vision from PMI.org and the branding changes. The PMINYC would be going through a transformation focused on the members and how the goals would be aligned with PMI.org. In addition, he expressed how he wants to meet certain milestones. He wants to engage the members and get feedback and suggestions to make the chapter stronger.

Become part of PMINYC Volunteers, it's a great way to give back to the project management community!