Membership Notification – October 02, 2020
PMI NYC Bylaws, Article V. Revision


Periodically, PMI NYC has to make changes to its Bylaws, which are the rules that the organization has adopted for its operation and management. Our Bylaws were last amended in 2017. For 2021 we are only making changes to Article V of the Bylaws. 

As part of this process, these changes to the Bylaws (within Article V) must be ratified by members' votes. We are asking you to review these changes. Please click here to review a side-by-side comparison of the existing 2017 Article V and the proposed changes for 2021. (If you would like to see the other sections of the 2017 Bylaws which will remain unchanged for 2021, they can be found here.) 

At the end of this review process, you will receive an email from PMI NYC asking you to vote to ratify these changes to the Bylaws. PMI Global will control the actual voting process.

Ratification must be completed before PMI NYC can begin our upcoming board nominations and elections. Your full cooperation will be appreciated.  

If you have any questions, please contact Frank Bacchus, PMI NYC President,  at [email protected].