2019 Board Election

PMINYC 2019 Board Election results are in! 

Here are your newly elected officers for 2020:

• Vice President of Communications & Technology     Jason Lee
• Vice President of Finance                                          Dana Moloney
• Vice President of Outreach                                        Jaimie Ngan

The Board would like to thank all of the candidates who ran and the members who voted in the 2019 election. 

Meet the Elected Officers, learn about their experience and their vision for the role they have been elected to. 


Nominations & Election Milestones

September 16, 2019 Nominations Open
October 6, 2019 Nominations Close
October 28, 2019 Voting begins
November 10, 2019 Voting ends
January 1, 2020 Terms Begin


Be sure to vote!

Sign in to https://my.pmi.org/profile/personal  and ensure that your email address is up to date.  Your profile email address will apply for all communications regarding the election, including distribution of electronic ballots and auditing of election results.  It is crucial! 

You can expect nominations for the PMINYC Board to occur during the fall with the election scheduled to run until mid-November 2019. The Board will announce the specific dates.

Have you considered running for office?  If so, please email [email protected]  We'll promptly answer your questions and provide you with guidance and advice on ways to bolster your credentials and help you prepare for a fulfilling experience.

  • Find more information about the by-laws here
  • Here are the current officers and their role descriptions, here
  • Here is a summary of the offices up for election in 2019 here


Questions about the Nominations and Elections process should be directed to [email protected]


Election FAQs

Refer to Election FAQs which cover

  • Who are the current officers for PMINYC? What do they do?
  • Should I consider running for office?
  • How much of a commitment does it entail?
  • What will I do in order to be nominated and elected?
  • What if I just want to volunteer? What volunteer opportunities are available?
  • Will I be able to vote in this year’s election?
  • and more.....


For questions contact [email protected]