Program Managers

Program Managers are volunteers who run important areas of the organization.  

Position Name
Academic Outreach Jerome Bridgeman, PMP, CSM
Agile Raul Nedd, PMP
Career Development Network Vacant
Chapter Meetings Ivonne Santiago, PMP
Communications - Digital Content Rick Titone, PMP
Communications - Enablement Marilyn Collins, PMP
Communications - Email Communications Kirstin Slevin, CAPM
Communications - Social Media Stephanie Mercurio
Communications - Social Media Domenick Priante
Community Outreach Ijeoma Onyebuchi
Finance Denise Serra
Mentoring Jennifer Ruda, PMP
Networking Jaimie Rissin, PMP
Nominations and Elections Jim Litsas, PMP
Operations - Event & Venue Management Jocelyn Tillson
Operations - Event & Venue Management Sheryl Fazal, PMP
PDU Coordinator Diane Chan, PMP
PMIEF Liaison Bruce Vapnitsky, PMP
PMP Study Groups Tomas Villanueva, PMP
Technology Kevin Cafaro