Symposium: Friday Session

April 20, 2018
7:30 AM to 5:30 PM
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New York Law School (NYLS)
185 W Broadway
New York, NY 10013

This year’s theme is “Raise your PMIQ!”

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On Friday, the Symposium consists of intriguing, robust presentations led by top project management professionals. You will learn how to propel your projects to the next level, and leave with both new skills and new contacts.

If you are interested in attending the Saturday sessions or both Friday and Saturday, visit the Events calendar


Daniel Wakeman - Keynote Speaker
Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Educational Testing Services

Presentation: Agile DevOps and the PMO
Agile DevOps has been shown to dramatically streamline the software development process by providing ample feedback loops and automating the continuous integration and continuous delivery of code into production in much shorter, more frequent release cycles. In Agile DevOps projects, operations staff provides support to the development team within the context of the project, rather than taking over support when the project is completed......

Michael Nir - Keynote Speaker
President, Sapir Consulting USA

Presentation: The Secrets of Silent Influence: Using Body Language to Persuade Others
Every sale, meeting and business interaction involves exerting influence. A person can deliver great points, but if they are unable to read the body language of their colleagues, they are missing vital cues as to whether the listener will follow through or not. As a result, indecision rises, sales are lost, and the listener feels unheard, which causes friction. Understanding how to read people and respond effectively helps create quicker buy-in, builds confidence in solutions, and reduces lost time in meetings.......

Milos Topic - Keynote Speaker
Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Saint Peter's University

Presentation: We are managing projects, but who is leading people?
Leaders, or at least those who are in leadership positions have the greatest impact and influence on the overall strategy, direction and ultimately the outcomes of their organizations. Organizational culture is defined, communicated and propagated by leadership first. Those of us who are fortunate enough to lead other people must take such responsibility seriously and act in ways that place the long-term needs of our colleagues at the pinnacle........

Gene Gendel, CEC, LeSS, CSaS, CAL
Agile Coach, Trainer and Organizational Design Agent
Co-Author: Agile Coaching: Wisdom from Practitioners

Presentation: Agile Transformations: Treat Your Organization as a Sushi Roll
A successful Agile Leader must treat an organization, that is expected to transform, as a sushi roll. Agile frameworks (e.g., Scrum, Kanban, XP), individuals’ roles & responsibilities, processes & tools, metrics & reporting, burn-up charts, estimation techniques.....

Dave Williams
Senior Vice President Information Technology, OceanFirst Bank

Presentation: WTC Experience dovetailing Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery techniques
Any major crisis that has the power to disrupt your projects has the potential to disrupt your people as well. In this presentation, Dave Williams, 9/11 survivor and senior VP of IT at OceansFirst Bank, will discuss the importance of managing catastrophic risks with a sensitivity to human suffering and human crisis management.....

Michael Milutis
Creator, Director: IT Metrics & Productivity Institute
Computer Aid, Inc (CAI)

Presentation: Know Thyself: The Secrets to Total Engagement and Self-Actualization in the Workplace
Michael Milutis will share what he’s learned from having consulted with hundreds of project managers and IT professionals from around the world on their personal branding and career challenges, and he will explain why self-knowledge, mindfulness, and self-actualization are such critical success factors for everyone who wants to go through this process........

Enterprise Agile Coach, Unified Vision Group
Co-author, The Nehemiah Effect and Flow

Presentation: Increased Performance for any Project Via Flow
In this session everyone will participate in a short game that demonstrates the practices, methods and frameworks which, when employed, guarantee performance increase. Presenter Ted Kallman has conducted this game with thousands of teams in conference Keynotes and Breakout Sessions in Europe and the US with remarkable results. The methods and frameworks are from his #1 Bestselling Book “The Nehemiah Effect: Ancient Wisdom From the World’s First Agile Projects” and his newly released book “Flow: Getting Everyone Moving in the Right Direction … and Loving it”.

Friday, 4/20:
Total PDUs = 7.5
Note: PDUs for this event will be self-reported to PMI Global
PDU Talent Triangle/CCR Legend: L=Leadership, S= Strategic, T= Technical

Track Topic Speaker Activity Code PDU Talent Triangle Start End Total Time
  L S T  
Registration / Breakfast / Birds of a Feather Industry Knowledge and Standards Ted Kallman SYMP20180420B1   1.0   7:30am 8:30am 1 hr
Morning Keynote “We are managing projects, but who is leading people?” Milos Topic SYMP20180420-K 1.5     8:45am 10:15am 1.5 hrs
Track 1A “Know Thyself: The Secrets to Total Engagement and Self-Actualization in the Workplace” Michael Milutis SYM20180420-1A 0.75     10:30am 11:15am 45 mins
Track 1B “Agile Transformations: Treat Your Organization as a Sushi Roll” Gene Gendel SYM20180420-1B     0.75 10:30am 11:15am 45 mins
Lunch Keynote “High-Performance Teams: Core Protocols for Psychological Safety and Emotional Intelligence” Richard Kasperowski SYMP20180440-KN 1.5     11:25am 12:55pm 1.5 hrs
Luncheon Speaker “The path from Project outcomes to Benefits Realization. Effective tools for Project Portfolio Management” Peter Mello SYM20180420-L     0.5 1:10pm 1:40pm 30 mins
Track 2A “Increased Performance for any Project Via Flow” Ted Kallman SYMP20180420-2A     0.75 1:45pm 2:30pm 45 mins
Track 2B “World Trade Center Experience Dovetailing Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Techniques” Dave Williams SYMP20180420-2B     0.75 1:45pm 2:30pm 45 mins
Afternoon Keynote “Agile DevOps and the PMO” Daniel Wakeman SYMP20180420-K3     1.5 2:40pm 4:10pm 1.5 hrs
  Total PDUs 7.5  

Venue Details
New York Law School (NYLS)
185 W Broadway
New York, NY 10013

Dress Code: Business Casual
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