Aug 4

LeSS Talks: Most Common mistakes in Product Ownership

A Product Owner per Team vs. One Product Owner per Whole Product (Note: This is an external event)

Sep 1

METS GAME - PMI LI and NYC Networking Event - Citi Field

Thursday, September 1 -- NY METS vs MIAMI MARLINS at 7:10 pm


Sep 14

Engaging the Front Line in Performance Improvement

Most organizations today put out the latest fire or crisis without taking the time to find the root causes.

Oct 14

2016 Annual Symposium - Main Session

“Transformation Through Innovation”


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Welcome! I am here to help you make your first Key Steps To Success in becoming more Agile!

The laws of physics teach us that in order to acquire and maintain certain velocity, an object must overcome its inertia. The state of inertia is described by a “tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged” (steady state of immobility). In order to gain its own velocity, an object must be acted upon by an external force (e.g. another moving object). Speed of reaching certain velocity and maintaining it, among other secondary factors (e.g. friction, resistance), depends on an external force and mass of an object. Once an object is set in motion, it will continue moving on its own and the distance that it travels depends on its mass, friction, resistance or other applied forces.

My job is to help you overcome your inertia and gain momentum in your journey towards agility. I am here to help you make your very first steps to success.If you represent yourself, as Individual, I will try helping you with achieving your personal goals.  Read more

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  • Summer Hours 2016

There are no chapter meetings in July & August.  

If you are a member of a PMI NYC Committee, ask your Team Lead for your Committee's project schedule. We resume the normal schedule in the fall. The next chapter meeting is Wednesday, September 14. Enjoy your vacation.