Symposium 2018 Call for Sponsors



Market to over 200 project managers!

The PMINYC 2018 Symposium is a terrific chance to market your products and services to a highly targeted audience. These attendees are hungry for new ideas and growth.

To become a sponsor, email Please include your website URL and a description of your products or services.

The PMI New York City Chapter is a professional association of project managers from the NY metropolitan area and beyond. With more than 3,000 members representing over 300 companies — from small businesses to Fortune 500 global enterprises — PMINYC is how America's most ambitious project managers learn about new developments in the world of project management through seminars, networking, and vendor information.

The Symposium is your chance to meet these key decision makers, managing projects around the world and looking for products and services to make their projects more successful.

We expect over 200 attendees.

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PMINYC Past Sponsors

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PMINYC is grateful to our sponsors. Funding to develop and deliver the Symposium comes from registration and sponsorship fees. Past Symposium sponsors include: 


Sponsorship Opportunities Cost
1) Vendor Table: Includes a well-situated table for showcasing your organization’s products and services (Main Session; includes 2 reps.) $800
2) Lunchtime Sponsorship: Includes display of your banner, a vendor table, and your logo featured prominently in the brochure, as well as a speaker slot during lunch. Two possibilities exist:

a) Shared Sponsorship: Includes a 15-minute presentation. (Main Session; two slots available.)

b) Exclusive Sponsorship: Includes a 30-minute presentation (combines the two 15-minute slots from above). (Main Session; one slot available.)
3) Speaker Dinner Sponsorship (Thursday, April 19, 2018): Includes attending the dinner with all the Symposium speakers. Excellent opportunity to influence the speakers! Terms are negotiable. Includes prominent placement of your logo in the brochure, special recognition throughout the Symposium and a vendor table. $3,000
4) Overall Event Sponsorship: Includes prominent placement of your banner, a vendor table and your logo featured on the cover of the brochure and the event gift. $2,500
5) Special! Speaker Dinner Sponsorship/Overall Event Sponsorship Combo $6,000
Save $1,000! Combination of #3 and #4 at a reduced price! (Subject to availability.) $7,500


To learn more, download our Sponsors Brochure.

Don’t miss a tremendous opportunity!