About PMINYC Chapter - President's Message

Karen Fox

Dear Fellow Chapter Leaders,

Happy New Year to all of our members and friends! 

As we start 2018, I welcome back our returning board members: Loretta Gadson (VP Finance), Pamela Young (VP Membership), Frank Baachus (VP Symposium), Inna Erenberg (VP Operations), and Anna Thomas (VP Outreach). And, Julia Murphy and Steve Nosal who are continuing but in different roles – President-Elect and Immediate Past President, respectively. I also want to welcome a new board member – Yael Israel is our new VP Communications & Technology. Last but certainly not least, welcome to Frank Saladis who is returning to the board as VP Programs. We cannot move forward without thanking two departing board members. Billal Farhat has decided to move on for now and focus on other things. Now that Holly Ripley’s board responsibilities have ended, she will be helping Frank Bacchus with the 2018 Symposium on April 20-21.

In the fall of last year after our elections, the board met several times to begin planning for 2018. After much discussion, we decided we needed to change our meeting model. In 2018 you can look forward to quarterly chapter dinner meetings, more webinars, and the continuation of networking events, Career Development Network (CDN) and Agile meetings. Our Outreach team will also continue to hold Community Outreach, Academic, and Corporate Outreach events. Some of you may ask why change? The answer is we need to strive to be relevant to the needs of our members. We noticed last year registration for some of our special events was down. The feedback we received was that you did not want to take time off from work and you did not want to pay a lot to attend. You also told us you liked the informal networking events but would like them to be focused on a topic discussion. The changes we are starting with are the first steps to listening to you. Throughout the year we will re-evaluate and determine how we are doing.

Questions? Comments? I want to hear from you.

My email is either Karen.Fox@pminyc.org or President@pminyc.org.

Have a great year! Don’t be a stranger!


PMI New York City Chapter President