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Recap of Study Group June 2017

The PMINYC study group has been a great experience for our members. Here are some comments from our first cycle participants:

 • Assigning each member as PM was an excellent decision and should continue to be a requirement.

• Content in Dropbox exceeded all expectations. Clearly, a lot of thought and hard work went into assembling materials. It made studying much easier and organized to have that resource.

 • Everyone had something to offer concerning study materials. Dropbox was also an excellent addition to sharing resources and study materials.

 • The PMP materials were an essential part of the studying process. It was also helpful to have other resources (like Rita) and a variety of study apps as well.

 • (1) material available on Dropbox (PPT, exam scorecard, schedule, cheat sheet, etc.) was excellent (2) having the facilitator stay on top of the schedule, send reminder emails of topic to cover, and physically be in the study group helped stay on schedule (3) the study group & structure motivated me to get through the chapters.

• Being able to discuss misunderstood test questions and concepts.

 • Excellent group of people. Everyone with different work experience and different experience with PMP and taking the PMP. All willing to help each other.

 • Reviewing key points/confusing topics and going over confusing/wrong test questions.

 • Working with other professionals to understand PMP gaps


Programs PMP Study Groups

Are you preparing to get your PMP, PgMP or CAPM?  Do you want to prepare with a group of highly motivated fellow PMINYC members?   Then, PMINYC's Study Groups Program may be just the thing for you!

We have three cycles planned for 2017, each consisting of 12 weeks. Reach out to the Program Manager for details.

PMINYC's PMP Study group provides a flexible, collaborative and low-cost alternative to commercial prep courses.  The group offers structure and motivation - a great alternative to studying by one's self. This service is free for PMINYC members, but any materials needed will be at your expense.

How to participate in a Study Group?

  • Be a member in good standing of the NYC chapter. It's just 2 easy steps: Click

  • Have completed the PMP or CAPM application through the website. 

  • Be willing to meet in person on a weekly basis. 

  • Be willing to participate actively in the group.

Interested in the Study Group?:  Click

Success stories

"I passed! In no small part thanks to our facilitator and the rest of my study group."

"The study group really helped me stay motivated. I knew I had to prepare for our meeting each week if only so I didn't let the group down. Plus it was fun to meet new people and share project management war stories. Instead of feeling all alone, I was part of a community with a common goal - pass the darn test. Plus it was fun!"

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with Study Groups as a Study Group Advisor, Group Facilitator, or Group Host.  Apply here.

If you have any questions, please contact

Program Manager, Study Groups

Interested in becoming a Study Group Volunteer Facilitator?   Click


Cycle #1 - Dates and Topics of Discussion

For Members only:  2017 study sessions are already underway  


Schedule of Topics

 Feb 2017
  • 2/2/2017 PM Framework & PM Processes
  • 2/8/2017 Integration Management
  • 2/15/2017 Scope Management (Retake all Practice Exams)
  • 2/22/2017 Time Management 
 Mar 2017
  • 3/1/2017 Cost Management (Re-take all Practice Exams)
  • 3/8/2017 Quality Management 7 3/15/2017 HR Management
  • 3/22/2017 Communications Management (Retake all practice exams)
  • 3/29/2017 (TBD)
  • Risk Management (Schedule your exam)
 Apr 2017
  • 4/5/2017 Procurement Management
  • 4/12/2017 Stakeholder Management
  • 4/19/2017 Professional & Social Responsibility (Retake all practice exams)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Cycle #2 - Dates and Topics of Discussion


Schedule of Topics

May 2017
  • 5/17/2017 PM Framework & PM Processes
  • 5/24/2017 Integration Management
  • 5/31/2017 Scope Management (Retake all Practice Exams)
Jun 2017
  • 6/7/2017   Time Management
  • 6/14/2017 Cost Management (Retake all Practice Exams)
  • 6/21/2017 Quality Management 
  • 6/28/2017 HR Management
Jul 2017
  • 7/5/2017   Communications Management (Retake all practice exams) 
  • 7/12/2017 Risk Management (Schedule your exam)
  • 7/19/2017 Procurement Management
  • 7/26/2017 Stakeholder Managementxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Aug 2017
  • 8/2/2017   Professional & Social Responsibility (Retake all practice exams)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Cycle #3 - Dates and Topics of Discussion

Aug 13 - Nov 18 

Beginning Date

End Date

Pre-Call  Aug 13 Aug 19 
Pre Session Assignment   Aug 20  Aug 26 
Session #1  Aug 27 Sep 2 
Session #2  Sep 3  Sep 9
Session #3  Sep 10  Sep 16
Session #4  Sep 17   Sep 23 
Session #5  Sep 24  Sep 30 
Session #6  Oct 1  Oct 7 
Session #7  Oct 8 Oct 14 
Session #8  Oct 15  Oct 21 
Session #9  Oct 22  Oct 28 
Session #10  Oct 29  Nov 4 
Session #11  Nov 5  Nov 11 
Session #12  Nov 12 Nov 18 




Programs PMP Study Groups

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