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Are you preparing to get your PMP, PgMP or CAPM?  Do you want to prepare with a group of highly-motivated fellow PMINYC members?   Then, PMINYC's Study Groups Program may be just the thing for you!

PMINYC's PMP Study groups provide a flexible, low cost (books only) addition to commercial prep courses.  Structure and motivation is available when contrasted to studying by one's self.

How to participate in a Study Group?

The Study Group Program is currently being redesigned in order to ensure PMINYC can meet the unique needs of its members. Please revisit this page for more information.

Success stories

"I passed! In no small part thanks to our facilitator and the rest of my study group."

"The study group really helped me stay motivated. I knew I had to prepare for our meeting each week if only so I didn't let the group down. Plus it was fun to meet new people and share project management war stories. Instead of feeling all alone, I was part of a community with a common goal - pass the darn test. Plus it was fun!"

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with Study Groups as a Study Group Advisor, Group Facilitator, or Group Host.  Apply here.

If you have any questions, please contact

Program Manager, Study Groups