Communications Guidelines & Deadlines

We Promote Your Events via Digital News, Email, Enablement & Social Media


Communications team collage

Communications Team:
- Yael Israel, Communications & Technology, VP (Board of Directors)
- Leslie Farrar, Communications, Director

In alphabetical order: Program Managers: Melene Follert (Email) , Rick Titone (Digital News Editor) and Darlene Weston (Interactive Projects). For Industries: Ida Lloyd (Social Media), Mark Schleisner (Social Media). Volunteers: Vicky Chen, Jill Ann Cherofsky, Myrna Figarola, Allison McMillan and Teresa Opalka.  

Communications and content escalations: Who can you contact?

For routine escalations, Director, Communications - Leslie Farrar:;
For policy decisions about our communications, VP, Communications - Yael Israel:

See Board page for additional contacts.
We thank you for your support.


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