How much work does it entail to serve on the PMINYC board? What are the benefits?

4. How much work does it entail to serve on the PMINYC board? What are the benefits?

Elected officers should expect to spend 20+ hours/month including attendance at Board of Directors meetings and time dedicated to chapter events.  The Volunteer Development Model provides a useful summary of different levels of volunteering, including a breakdown of time commitment by volunteer role. Serving as a PMI board member is a rewarding experience that allows you to play a leading role in a large and influential organization and grow professionally. The PMINYC Nominations and Elections team recently asked past office holders to share their experiencers on how volunteering for PMI has shaped professional development. Here are some of the themes they shared consistently:

•Development of professional skills such as leadership, collaboration, communication and presentation capabilities.
•Occupy a leading role in a prominent organization in a level of responsibility and accountability that might be otherwise difficult to obtain-something that employers immediately recognize and appreciate and could position you for further advancement in your career.
•Expand your network within the Chapter, within PMI globally, within the profession, and potentially far beyond
•Gain experience influencing, motivating, coaching a diverse group of professionals
•A chance to "give back" to the Project Management profession, the Chapter, and your peers. You can have a lasting impact on the chapter and its members
•Expand your personal friendships in ways you could not foresee
•You will learn a lot about yourself