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1 Agile Manifesto A great place to start with the core principles of agile      
2 Agile Alliance A global organization that advances Agile principles and practices
3 Agile Certifications Dscussion on LinkedIn  
4 Agile Keys to Success A guide to become more agile
5 PMI Agile Certification Requires a combination of training, experience and an exam
6 PMINYC Agile Community on LinkedIn NA
7 Scrum Alliance  A set of practices for implementing agile
8 Assessment and training by Scrum co-creator Ken Schwaber
9 Videos Explains the basics of agile and scrum
10 Recommended books  (shown below) List of relevant literature


Recommended books: 


Agile management, or simply agile, is a method or management that allows teams to deliver projects piece-by-piece and make rapid adjustments as needed. It has garnered a great deal of attention in recent years because it meets customer needs at a lower cost. It is especially useful in software development projects.

Blend Waterfall and Agile

Check out this video from PMI.   blend agile and waterfall

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