About PMINYC Chapter - President's Message

Dear Fellow Chapter Members,

I want to thank all of you for your patience. I know we have been a bit slow in putting events on the chapter calendar. The transition of some leadership roles has been slower than in the past. I promise that you will start to see more events on the calendar.

I was recently asked what my vision for the chapter was. I will summarize it with the phrase “Engagement and Inclusion.”

“Engagement” for our chapter members. We have a very diverse membership to satisfy. We have members at all stages of their careers.  By diversifying our event offerings we hope there will be something to appeal to all. You will see this with our quarterly chapter meetings that will feature a speaker presentation or panel discussion. We then intend to have more webinars to appeal to those who cannot attend the chapter meetings and informal networking gatherings for those of you who want to get together over a beer or glass of wine (cash bar) on the way home.

I hope we will see more of members at our events. I do want to assure you that your board will be watching and evaluating your interest throughout the year. If something is not working then we will make changes.

The second half of my theme is “Inclusion.” This is directed at our volunteers.

Many of you know that I have been a chapter volunteer in one role or another for over 14 years. Over that time I have participated in discussions where we mused about why we don’t have more volunteers stepping forward to fill leadership roles. It occurred to me that one reason may be is that those of us who are leaders have not included our volunteers in chapter planning. We, as project managers, know that in order to get our stakeholders to buy into the result we have to involve them from the beginning in the planning. So why should we not do that here at PMINYC?

Throughout 2018 I will be holding quarterly chapter planning meetings. All volunteers are invited to participate. If a volunteer is interested in contributing to planning or just wants to know more about what the board does, they will be welcome to attend.

I believe by including our volunteers, one or more may become interested in a larger role, perhaps a board position or even chapter President one day.

Speaking of our volunteer community, if you think you may like to join us, we have many opportunities. Please contact Jim Litsas, Director of Volunteers, at Jim.Litsas@pminyc.org.

If you have questions or comments for me, please feel free to email me at Karen.fox@pminyc.org.

See you soon!



PMI New York City Chapter President