About PMINYC Chapter - President's Message

PMI New York City Chapter President

Stephen Nosal

Dear Fellow Chapter Leaders,

Steve and I wanted to speak with you about our upcoming chapter Nominations and Elections. We ask each of you to think about filling one of the open positions.

LEARN more about leadership and grow your skills.

HELP the chapter by contributing to its strategic direction.

MEET other leaders from PMINYC and other chapters in our region and expand your network.

In recent weeks the Board and the Nominations and Elections team have reached agreement on beginning the chapter nominations for candidates to fill the upcoming vacant Board positions right after the voting to ratify the proposed updated bylaws is completed.

In order to be nominated, a potential candidate will come from our current Vice Presidents, Directors and Program Managers. Of course, there are other qualifications that must be met and that review will be done by the Nominations team.

If you think you may be interested, read the role descriptions that are available through the website. Login using your PMI username and password. Then, click the link PMINYC Office Role Descriptions in the Member area. And then click Role Descriptions Drop File highlighted in yellow on right hand side.

The Board positions that will be open will depend upon the ratification of the bylaws.

Positions to be filled under 2012 current Bylaws

Positions to be filled under updated 2017 Bylaws

President Elect

Vice President Professional Development

Vice President Finance

Vice President Outreach

Vice President Marketing & Communications

President Elect

Vice President Programs

Vice President Finance

Vice President Outreach

Vice President Communications and Technology


We believe one or more of you may be a future Chapter President. Don’t be afraid to stretch your skills.

Watch your email for more information from the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Feel free to contact Steve or me if you have any questions or just want more information.

Steve & Karen

Steve Nosal, PMP

President PMI - New York City

Chapter email: stephen.nosal@pminyc.org

Karen Fox, PMP

President Elect PMI - New York City

Chapter email: karen.fox@pminyc.org